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Adam Ghanem 🦆

Adam Ghanem

M.Phil Student

University of Sydney

Hi there! I am a M.Phil student at the Univeristy of Sydney and I am researching artificial intelligence within the FSA lab team. My research interests include natural language models, text-to-image diffusion, systems and sparsity. I am a member of the FSA group within the university, which deals with system architectures and consists of an amazing collection of minds who contribute to a vast space of topics within the computer architecture and system fields. I also work at the FMH Media Lab based in the University of Sydney. Here we work on a variety of new and foundational technologies for the future including areas such as Virtual Reality, Simulations and Artificial Intelligence.



Among a collection of other languages.


Docker management of key apps and servers.

Machine Learning

Where we make machines learn to play jenga.

App and Web Development

Side projects for different groups and personal hobbies.


DJango Server Development


FMH Lab, University of Sydney
Virtual IT Assets Officer
February 2024 – Present Sydney

Responsibilities include:

  • Website Development
  • Docker Management
  • Software Security
  • Git Integration
  • Data Management
Taking Paediatrics Abroad, TPA
IT Expert Volunteering
October 2023 – Present Sydney

Responsibilities include:

  • IT Sysadmin
  • Software Maintenance
  • Website Development
  • Security
University of Sydney
Research Assistant
January 2022 – Present Sydney
Research assistant for FSA Labs at the University of Sydney.
FMH Lab, University of Sydney
Casual Developer
November 2022 – December 2023 Sydney

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing
  • Maintaining
  • Sys Admin
  • Security
University of Sydney
Master of Philosophy
January 2023 – Present Sydney
Research degree at the university of Sydney.
University of Sydney
University Tutor
January 2018 – Present Sydney

Taught and marked for a variety of units at the university including:

  • SOFT3410
  • SOFT3202
  • SOFT2201
  • MEDS3888
  • MEDS1001
  • INFO1113
  • INFO1111 (Casual Lecturer for session)
  • INFO1110
  • OLET1301
  • HSBH Health and Informatics
University of Sydney
Bachelor of Advanced Computing
January 2017 – January 2022 Sydney
Mathematics Tutor
January 2016 – January 2018 Sydney
Tutored high school mathematics for two years.


DeepSpeed4Science AI Release
DeepSpeed4Science Team
FMH Media Lab VR Open Day Hosting
Personal DeepSpeed-Chat Model
DeepSpeed-Chat on HuggingFace reaching 10000 downloads a month
First Class Honours
First Class Honours at the University of Sydney
Machine Learning Specialisation
See certificate
Invitation into Dalyell Scholars
See certificate
Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Hons)
See certificate



Concurrency for Software Development


Software Construction and Design 2

SOFT2201 (marking)

Software Construction and Design 1


Object-Oriented Programmi


Computing 1A Professionalism


Introduction to Programming


Managing and Analysing Data with SQL


Medical Science Interdisciplinary Project (Unity Development)


Human Biology (Unity and Web Development)


DeepSpeed4Science AI
Part of the DeepSpeed4Science AI Team, a Microsoft led initiative.
DeepSpeed4Science AI
Social VR Unity Trauma Room
In progress development of a multiplayr Trauma VR simulation
Social VR Unity Trauma Room
FMH Media Lab Website
Development of the FMH Media Lab website
FMH Media Lab Website
FSA Lab Website
Development of the Future System Architecture Lab website.
FSA Lab Website
Unity OBJ to HTML Viewer
Github project for the FMH Media Lab to create viewable OBJ views in the web. Supports MTL and textures.
Unity OBJ to HTML Viewer


Recent & Upcoming Talks/Conferences


(2023). DeepSpeed4Science Initiative: Enabling Large-Scale Scientific Discovery through Sophisticated AI System Technologies. Deepspeed4Science.

PDF Arxiv

(2023). RenAIssance: A Survey into AI Text-to-Image Generation in the Era of Large Model. RenAIssance.

PDF Arxiv


Please feel free to contact me regarding research, projects or any other suitable topic, it will be a pleasure.